The COVID-19 pandemic is changing conditions in our city and neighborhood every day. As more people lose access to work, affordable food options become more scarce, and mobility becomes harder and harder to do safely, volunteers across Chicago are coming together to lighten the load and reduce risk for our most vulnerable community members.

In Pilsen a network of neighbors has formed a Mutual Aid collective comprised of different movement organizers and autonomous people who are willing and able to lend a hand. We are immediately providing grocery and supply deliveries, and we are preparing to expand this to include other much needed support such as care-giving, mental health support, running errands and pharmacy pickups.

We need your help in making this mutual aid network a successful sustained effort in Pilsen. We urge you to donate, sign up to volunteer, or if you or someone you know are in need of support please let us know.

We have the opportunity to show up in different ways for our community right now. We have the opportunity to reach out in love and solidarity to our blocks and our elders. We have the chance to defend and uplift our undocumented, disabled, and houseless neighbors.

Let’s take care of one another! By us for us!